Pentakomo with Governors' Beach...Two Names with Rich Meaning!

The village of Pentakomo is a village in the Limassol district about 20 kilometres east of it, built at an altitude of 120 meters above sea level. 

In addition it is 70 kilometres from Nicosia and 90 kilometres from the city of Pafos and about 60 kilometres from the city of Larnaka.

Pentakomo borders with the communities of Asgata, Monagroulli, Kalavasos and Mari.
Photo: Λάμπρος Δρουσιώτης‎

The name of the village: 
According to G. Jeffery, in one of his articles in 1918, the name of the village of Pentakomo is explained by the fact that this was the fifth village (pente=five, komi=village) starting from the city of Limassol.  

According to another version, Pentakomo owes its name to the fact that the village was formed from five older settlements that existed and collapsed into one. These settlements were probably destroyed during the 7th and 10th century Arab invasions, and moved to the present village which would provide them with greater security.
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Historical data:
According to older inhabitants of the village and not proven historically, Pentakomo was created by the dissolution of five other settlements who gathered and founded the village in its present location. The reason for the demolition of these settlements may have been the Arab raids during the 7th to 10th centuries. The inhabitants of these settlements, looking for a safe place to stay, moved to the present area of the village.

Pentakomo, according to historical records, has existed since the Middle Ages under the same name and is referred to as Pendacomo in old maps. According to De Mas Latri, during the Frankish rule it was owned by the king. During the Turkish occupation (1570-71), there were also Turkish settlers who lived there in harmony until 1974.
Photo: Maria Kiriakou

Churches and Sights: 
Taking a stroll through Pentakomo you will see the Church of Panagias Neroforousas built on an older church which due to its small size was replaced by the chapel of Agios Ioannis.
Photo: Φωτογραφικές Στιγμές

Pentakomo also has a beautiful Community Park, a lush area with trees, flowers, wooden benches to provide relaxation.
Photo: Λάμπρος Δρουσιώτης‎

Finally, the territorial community of the community belongs to Governors' Beach, which has developed into a major tourist destination in the area and has a maritime frontage of about 15 kilometres with clear, calm waters and which has become an institution of the Blue Flag.
 Photo: ΚΟΤ

Over the years, the village has experienced several population fluctuations. Specifically in 1881 there were 263 inhabitants which increased to 621 in 1973. They then decreased to 431 in 1982 and to 342 in 1992. In 2001 they increased to 388 and in 2011 rose again to 644.
Photo: Λάμπρος Δρουσιώτης‎

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